Management Team

John Belden

President and Chief Executive Officer

Steven Margol

Chief Investment Officer

Thom Geshay

Chief Operating Officer

Barry Wabler

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Colleen Keating

Executive Vice President - Operations

Crystal Beasley

Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Ted Arps

Senior Vice President - Business Development

Bernie Murphy

Senior Vice President - Business Development

Albert Smith

Senior Vice President - Operations, Pivot Hotels & Resorts

Jason Rabidoux

Vice President - Business Development, West Coast

Kyle Bowman

Vice President - Investment Management

Michael Yousif

Director - Business Development

Mark Wang

Director - Business Development

Lew Lemon

Regional Vice President - Operations

Marisa Serrano

Regional Vice President - Operations

Caroline Dyal

Vice President - Operations, Pivot Hotels & Resorts

Kathy Hood

Vice President - Sales, Marketing, and Revenue Management

Patricia Davis

Vice President - Sales, Marketing & Revenue Management, Pivot Hotels & Resorts

Dan Engle

Vice President - Field Sales

Steve Kilroy

Vice President - Food and Beverage

Ben Fulwider

Corporate Director - F&B

Tim DeBruin

Corporate Director - Catering and Convention Services

Phillip Miller

Vice President - Design and Construction

Tom Rybski

Senior Director - Projects

Mary Powers

Vice President - Human Resources

Rodger Sellers

Director of Recruiting

Dedra Thompson

Director of Learning and Organizational Development

Michele Smith

Vice President of Hotel Accounting

Hank Artime

Vice President - Finance & Treasurer

Chris LoPilato

Senior Director – Corporate Accounting

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